Article 1: Name of the association
The name of the Association shall be "Uttaranchal Chapter, Indian Orthopaedic Association" hereinafter called the Association in these rules and regulations.
  Article 2: Office and Scope
The registered office of the Association shall be in the place of work of the Secretary. Associations would be registered with The Registrar of the Societies. The Association shall operate throughout the state of Uttaranchal. It will operate directly and through Orthopaedic Clubs affiliated to the Uttaranchal Chapter and established in different towns to Uttaranchal in furtherance of the aims and objects of the Association.
  Article 3:Aims and Objects
The Associations shall be non party. Non political, non sectarian and non profit making organization and shall have the following aims and objectives:
To encourage and advance the study and practice of the science and art of Orthopaedic Surgery.
To promote professional fellowship, cooperation and exchange of view among the Orthopaedic Surgeon of the state.
To encourage scientific research and experimental work on Orthopaedic problems.
To organize scientific meet consisting of lectures, paper presentation, discussions, seminars, symposia and workshop for the advancement of Orthopaedic Surgery.
To maintain a reference library
To publish a Journal devoted to Orthopaedic Surgery and bulletin of the scientific activities.
To hold and develop properties, movable and immobavable that may be necessary or advantageous for the aforesaid objects, to purchase, sell, rent lease or to mortgage it in the interest of the Association.
To receive membership fee and donations for development of Association and subscriptions from members. Donations for instituting awards, orations and prizes of the Association will only be accepted after approval of the Executive General body of the Association.
To co- operate with other Medical and Surgical Associations of Uttaranchal or other states.
To watch and advice on legislations affecting Orthopaedic Surgeons.
To arrange and conduct competition. organize fellowship and give awards, prizes and certificates in the same.
To organize exhibition of Surgical instruments, implants and allied products for display, critical evaluation and suggestions.
To add such other things as may be incidental to or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the above objectives.
  Artical 4 Membership
Types of Membership- Membership of the Association shall be of four categories.
Life Member: Life Membership of the Association shall be open only Orthopaedic Surgeon with postgraduate qualification. Life members working/practicing Orthopaedic outside the state shall cease to have the right to hold any office.
Associate Member: Doctors with postgraduate qualifications other than in Orthopaedic, recognized by MCI Associate Member are entitled to attend scientific meeting , social events and to participate in all scientific discussions but they will not have the right to vote, hold any office, or attend any business meeting.
Honorary Member: persons of eminence related to Orthopaedic specialty may be conferred Honoray Membership/ Fellowship of the Association after being duly screened by a Selection committee and approved by the Executive Committee and the General Body.
Full Member: Full membership of the association on the basis of annual subscription shall be open only to the Orthopaedic Surgeon with postgraduate qualification. Full members working/ practicing Orthopaedic outside the state shall cease to have the right to hold any office.
Selection of Members: Application for Life Member/ Full Member/ Associate Member of the Association on a membership form duly proposed and seconded by Life Members/full Members shall be sent to the Secretary who in turn shall place it before the Executive Committee for consideration. The General Body shall award membership only after the approval.
Membership Fee: Financial year of the Association shall be from 1stApril to 31st March. Membership Fee shall be reviewed and revised after every three years. Membership fee for difference categories shall be.
Life member-one time payment of Rs. 1000/-
Full Member/ Associate member- Annual fee of Rs. 200/- Payable in advance by 31st March every year.
Cessation of membership-No member will be entitled to any of the privileges of the Association if his/ her subscription to the Association is in arrears for more than two years and in the event of its remaining unpaid even after a reminder under Registered post, he/she shall automatically cease to be a Member of Association.
The Executive Committee may approve revival of the Membership if the person applying for revival of Membership is eligible to be Life member and pays the Life membership fee along with arrears. Persons not eligible to become Life member or full member shall be considered for revival as Associate member on payment of a Revival Fee or Rs. 100.00 along with arrears.
Any member desires to withdraw his/her membership from the Association shall give a notice in writing to the Secretary not less than three month before the end of the financial year.
Any Member whose resignation is requested under Rule5.2.5 shall have the right to appeal to the next business meeting of the Executive Committee provided he/she makes a written application to the Secretary with in 14 days of receiving the request. The matter of revival withdrawal or resignations, after Executive Committee approval, has to be ratified in the General Body Meeting.
Right and Priviteges of a Member.
Life Members have full voting rights. They are entitled to participate in every activities of the Association. They will receive all information regarding activities of the Associations and are entitled for a free copy of journal. Only Life Member Residing and Practicing Specialty in state are entitled to hold any office. Associate Member and the Honorary Member shall have all privileges of a full Member except the right to vote, hold any office or attend any Business meeting.
  Article 5 Executive Committee
Composition:- The Executive Committee shall consist of the following President One Vice- President Two President Elect One Secretary One Treasurer One Editor One Joint Secretary Two (by nomination) Executive Members Seven Ex – officio members All Past Presidents
Role of Executive Committee and its Powers
The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the total management of the Association
The Executive Committee shall have powers to fill up vacancies amongst the officers (except the President) and members of the committee for the remaining term of the office, subject to continuation at the next business meeting.
The Executive Committee shall control the affairs of the Association, its funds and assets. The Executive Committee shall have power to purchase, construct or acquire on lease, exchange bare or by gift or otherwise any real or personal property and any rights of privileges necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Association, and to improve, develop, manage, sell lease, mortgage, dispose off return to account or otherwise deal with any property or part of the property of the Association.
Any Income from the property of the Association howsoever derived shall be spend solely towards the objectives of the Association and no portion there of shall be paid or transferred directly indirectly for any other purpose except for (a) the purpose of providing Scholarships and fellowships to be offered for Competition among the Life Members and Association Member of the Association residing and working in the state of Uttaranchal (b) as gift to the Orthopaedic charitable, Education or other trusts of the Association.
The Executive Committee shall have the power to request the resignation of a member deemed contrary to the interest of the Association or to have ceased to take interest in the objects of the Association or to have been disobedient to the Rules or guilty of unprofessional act of public misdemeanor, provided that the persons concerned shall be notified of the proposed action not less than eight weeks before the next business meeting.
The Executive Committee should have the power to remit, reduce or suspend the subscription of any Life Member at its discretion.
Without prejudice to the powers of the General Body of the Association the Executive Committee may exercise Power functions and details as under
To appoint Committees, Sub- committees and Commission and delegate power and functions to tem as it may deem necessary.
To co-opt any Life Member to any committee.
To receive donations and benefactions for and in the name of the Association
To arrange fellowship and Scholarships.
To appoint an Auditor and fix remuneration.
To do all such acts and exercises deemed to be necessary in furtherance of the objects of the Association.
  Article 6 Office Bearers:
Eligibility of the office bearers
Life members only, who are also member of Indian Orthopaedic Association are eligible to hold any office of the Association. They shall he residing and practicing Orthopaedics in the state at the time holding the office. They will give a declaration to these effects during filling of nomination papers.
Members for the offices should have attended a minimum number of conferences of Uttaranchal Chapter before they are eligible as a candidate for election of any office. (This would come into force with effect from the session 2005-06) President 4 Vice-President 2 Secretary 3 Treasurer 2 Editor 2 Member of Ex. Committee 1
Duties and Power of the Office bearers
The President shall coordinate, supervise and direct the activities of the Association. He or she shall preside over all Business and Scientific meeting convened by on behalf of the Association. He/She shall deliver a Presidential address.
The President shall be Ex -office to Members of all Committees and subcommittees.
The President shall submit his/her resignation to the Executive Committee.
The term of the President shall be for one year.
Vice President
If the President ceases to hold the office, one of the senior member (Seniority by membership of Association) of the two Vice- Presidents shall be inducted as President for the remaining term by a notification from the office of the Secretary. This shall he approved in the next Executive meeting.
In the absence of the President, The Vice-President by seniority or in adverse condition any member of the Executive shall he nominated by the Secretary to preside over the meeting.
The Vice President shall submit the resignation to the President.
The term of Vice President shall be one year.
The Secretary shall execute all policies and programmes of the Association and shall submit reports at the meeting of the Executive Committee and to the General Body during the Annual Conferences giving a General review of the works of the Association in the preceeding year.
He shall keep members informed through press, newsletters, circulars etc. regarding various academic activities of the Association.
He shall prepare & keep the minutes of all business meetings of the Executive Committee & General Body & see that all notices regarding meetings are duly given in accordance with the provision of rules & by laws.
He shall circulate the accounts for the year with the minutes of the last Annual General Body meeting along with the notice of the next Annual General Body meeting.
He Shall he responsible or keep safeup of the records of the Association and he shall he custodian of the Seal of Association.
He Shall be accountable to the Executives as well as to the General Body.
He will sign and execute all contracts or other instruments in the name of Association and shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Association.
He shall be Ex-Officio member of all committees and sub committees of the Association,
He shall inform the Editor of the Journal about the arrears of the subscription of Full Members and Associate Members within the first month of the commencement of the New year.
He shall prepare a current voters list of all Life Members and Full Members of the Association.
Secretary shall he empowered to employ a part time clerk/ assistant on a honorarium approved by Executive committee.
He shall maintain an account with a maximum limit of Rs.3000/- (Three thousand) and operate it with Joint Secretary, the same to meet the contingency expenses, payment of any amount more than Rs.3000/- (Three thousand) shall be made on the recommendations of the Secretary directly to the party by the Treasurer. If and when Secretary needs more than Rs. 3000/- (Three thousand) towards contingency expenses, he shall have to submit an account of utilization of Rs. 3000/- (Three thousand) taken earlier with the new demand. In the absence of utilization account the treasurer will have the right to refuse the additional demand.
He shall submit his resignation to the President.
The term of office of the Secretary Shall he of three years.
Treasurer shall keep accounts of Association.
He shall present a half yearly account in the Executive Meeting during the symposium and audited Annual Account in the Executive Meeting and General Body Meeting during the Annual conference. He will be accountable to the Executive body and the General body in financial matters.
He shall present a budget for approval for the next year at the General Body Meeting.
All cheque and other negotiable instrurments shall be signed jointy by the Treasurer and the Secretary.
The treasurer will submit his resignation to the President.
The term of office of the Treasurer shall be three years.
Joint Secretary
Joint Secretary shall be nominated one each by the President and the Organizing Secretary of the next Annual Conference.
In the absence of the Secretary, the Presidents shall nominate senior most Joint Secretary (by virtue of membership) to take over the function of the Secretary. The Executive Committee in the next meeting shall ratify the nomination.
The term of office of the joint secretary shall be of one year.
The Joint Secretary will submit his/ her resignation to the Secretary or President
Editor, The editor will publish a Journal of State Chapter.
Ex. Members The Office bearers cannot serve the Association in the same capacity for more than two terms.
  Article 7 : Meetings
Executive committee shall meet at least twice a year, one during Symposium and other during Annual conference of the chapter. The General Body shall meet at least once a year at the time of Annual conference. Members entitled to attend / participate in the General Body meeting are only the Life Members and full Members with voting right.
7.2 Quorum- A minimum of 5 (five) members for the executive committee meeting & 25 ( twenty five ) members for the General Body meeting are required to complete the quorum for the respective business meeting.
7.3 Notice for the meeting- A minimum of 15 days notice for the Executivecommittee meeting and 30 days for the General body meeting shall be given by the Secretary. The Agenda must be circulated along with the notice for the meetings.
7.4 Extra Ordinary meeting:
7.4.1 The President and the Secretary can convene special Executive meeting with the written request by at least SIX members for Executive committee. Matters needing urgent decisions by Executive body may be decided through correspondence amongst members.
7.4.2. Extra ordinary General Body meeting may be called to order by the President during the Annual conference on written request by 50% of the members with voting rights attending the conference.
  Article 8 Election of office bearers and Members of the Executive committee.
Terms of office bearers.
The President and Sr. Vice Presidents shall have the terms of office for one year and they shall be elected annually.
The Secretary, Treasurer and Editor shall have the term of office for three years. They shall be elected at the end of three years of the term.
Joint Secretary (TWO) shall be nominated one by the President, one by the Organizing Secretary of the next annual conference. The term of the office shall be for one year.
Member of the Executive (seven) Three members shall be elected every year. Their term of office shall be one year.
The Secretary, Uttaranchal Chapter shall be Returning Officer, Provided that in case the Secretary is intending to contest for any post the President shall appoint a Returning Officer. The Secretary shall intimate the President of such intention at least 15 days prior to the date of declaration of Election and provide all relevant documents and finds necessary for conduct of election.
The Returning Officer shall circulate the list of vacancies to be filled in for nominaton to all Life Members and full Members eligible to vote by post at least three months prior to the Annual Conference and invite nominations from the Members duly proposed and seconded by Life Members. The nomination must reach the Returning Officer within the specified time. Any withdrawal shall be permitted within two weeks from the last date of nomination. If there is more than one nomination for any vacancy, election shall be held in the General Body Meeting during the Annual Conference.
The Returning Officer shall scrutinize nomination papers within a week of the last date of receipt. Nomination found invalid shall be rejected and the candidate shall be informed accordingly. All other contestants shall be informed about other contestants for their posts before the date of withdrawal.
Presence of contesting members in the General Body meeting is mandatory and even unopposed candidate absenting from the General body meeting shall be disqualified from holding the office.
The outgoing President in the Valedictory function will do induction of new office bearers The outgoing President will install the New President by handing over the Jewel of the office and the new President will induct his office bearer.
  Article 9 Amendments
The amendment in the constitution if and when considered necessary can be done after due approval of the Executive committee, the amendment then, shall be approved by two third majority of members eligible to vote and registered for the conference in the extra ordinary General Body meeting The notice of extra-ordinary meeting shall be given at least 45 days in advance.
  Article 10 Conference and symposium.
The Annual Conference shall he held preferably in the month of February each year.
Venue for the next conference shall he decided in the General Body meeting one year in advance. It shall be proposed by a member in the form of a written invitation to hold the conference and duly seconded by a member both being present in the General Body meeting Invitation by members in absentia shall not be considered. In case of more than one invitaion to hold the conference, the venue shall be decided by mutual consent-or by Voice vote.
The member inviting the conference shall be designated as the Organizing Secretary. The organizing secretary may appoint locel organizing committee. The organization of the conference shall be in consultation with the President and Secretary of the Association.
The Annual conference shall be of two days duration. The first day shall be devoted to Inaugural Function, Guest Lectures, CME Programme and at least one scientific session. The Executive committee meeting shall be held on the first day. The second day shall be devoted to scientific sessions and General body meeting. The valedictory function shall he immediately after the General body meeting.
Inaugural function should preferably finish in one hour.
The function shall be presided by the President of the Uttarnchal State Chapter of IOA.
Persons of eminence in the field of Orthopaedic should preferably be invited as the Chief Guest to inaugurate the conference.
Other important personalities depending on the choice of the Organizing Secretary may be invited as the Guest of Honour.
Not more than 7 persons, preferably 5 should be silting on the dais during the inaugural function.
Master of the Ceremony should be nominated by the Organizing Secretary to conduct the inaugural function.
Master of ceremony will conduct the inaugural function in following manner.
Lighting of lamp.
Bouquet and floral presentation.
Welcome Address by Chairman Organizing Committee.
Secretary's report and Prize distribution by Chief Guest.
Release of souvenir by Guest of Honour.
Presidential address.
Inaugural address by Chief Guest.
Vote of Thanks by Organizing Secretary.
National Anthem.
CME Programme: The Secretary of the 'Association shall decide the topic and programme or CME in consultation with the President and shall intimate the Organizing Secretary. The Organizing Secretary in consultation with President and Secretary shall finalize and invite the Guest speakers for the CME programme. The CME Programme shall not last for more than three hours.
Organize the conference programme in consultation with President and Secretary at the meeting of the programme committee . For this the programme committee shall meet atleast one month before the conference. The President and the Secretary shall be provided traveling expenses and hospitality by the Organizing Committee.
The Organizing Secretary shall take care of the expenses of the Guest Speakers with reference to travel expenses stay and registration.
President, Secretary and the Guest Speakers' stay and hospitality.
The other office bearers shall have the same status as any Life Members.
President or Secretary IOA if invited by the Organizing Secretary should be given the same privileges as the Guest Speaker.
A contribution of Minimum of Rs 5000/- (Five thousand) or 50% of the savings whichever is more shall be made to the Uttaranchal Chapter.
Issue certificate of attendance, paper presentation to the registered delegate and speakers under signature of the President, Secretary and Organizing Secretary.
If funds permit, The Organizing Secretary shall present a memento to the Office Bearers, Guest Speakers and the Chairpersons.
Organizing Secretary shall submit audited account of the conference with in six months to the Secretary and Treasurer Uttaranchal State Chapter .
Shall submit a list of registered delegates to the Secretary Uttranchal Chapter at the valedictory function.
Valedictory function : It should be conducted by the President in following protocol President Secretary Any Member of Association Organizing Secretary Induction of President Elect and change of seats Induction of other office bearer by the new President Invitation by Next Organizing Secretary Voter of thanks by Secretary (Incoming) National Anthem
Symposium shall be held in March/April every year. It will be held in a place decided by the members during General Body Meeting.
It shall be one day duration and shall consists of workshop/Symposium, Guest lecturers/Free time for panel discussion.
The topic of the Symposium shall be decided in the General Body Meeting
A meeting of the Executive committee shall be held on the day Symposium
Organizing Secretary of Symposium shall be responsible for
The President and Secretary of Utarnachal Chapter, Guest Speakers and President or Secrerary of the IOA shall be providing with free registration and stay. Guest Speakers shall be provided with travel expenses also.
A contribution of Rs. 3,000/- (Three thousand) or 50% of the savings whichever is more
Issue of certificate of attendance to the registered delegates and paper presentation to speakers under signature with President, Secretary and Organizing Secretary.
Shall submit audited account of the symposium to the Secretary and Treasurer with in Two month from the date of Symposium.
Inaugural function and valedictory function shall be on the same pattern as in Annual conference. The Organizing Secretary shall present a list of registered delegates to the Secretary Uttarancahl Chapter during the valedictory function. The President shall have emergency power to approve or alter the topic of symposium or CME and appoint all/other member to organize the Annual conference or Symposium without prior approval of the General Body only if the earlier member expresses his inability to organize the same.
Symposium or workshop organized by Orthopaedic Clubs shall not clash with the Syposium and Annual conference organized by Uttarnchal Chapter and Annual conference of IOA. The Organizing Secretaries should inform the Secretary UTTARANCHAL chapter about such activities well in advance.
The Organizing Secretaries are authorized to take registration fee as decided in the General Body Meeting for the Annual Conference and Symposium.
The Organizing Secretary is also authorized to collect donations or charge fee for providing facilities for Scientific Exhibiton to different organizations.
Fifty percent (50%) of the savings shall be utilized by the Orthopaedic Club or Organizing Committee for its activities for the development of the speciality. Fifty percent (50%) of the savings shall go to the Association,
  Article 11. Orthopaedic Clubs
A minimum of 6 Orthopaedic surgeons in a District/Janpad, who are members of the Uttaranchal Chapter are entitled to group together and start an Orthopaedic club with the aim of promoting the art and science of Orthopaedic.
The members of the club shall elect a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer & other office bearers and members of the Executive to run the affairs of the club,
The Secretary of the Orthopaedic Club shall intimate the activities of the club to the Secretary of UTTARANCHAL Chapter and shall help in Organizing Annual Conference or Symposium if held in the Disrtict/Janpad.
The local body shall plan modus operandi with other club on the pattern of the Uttaranchal Chapter
President and/ or Secretary of the Uttanchal Chapter shall be invited by Orthopaedic clubs if any major events organized by club,